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Official Opening of the Outdoor Enclosure

Official Opening of the Outdoor Enclosure
A unique meeting of our animal sponsors! Politicians, celebrities and Gut Aiderbichl Sponsors celebrated the official opening of the outdoor enclosures for our ex-lab chimpanzees at Gut Aiderbichl’s Sanctuary for Traumatized Chimpanzees and other Primates in Gänserndorf near Vienna. First impressions of a truly memorable day. New video!

400 invited guests and all those attending witnessed the chimpanzees celebrate their second birthday! Most people only realized that this was one of the most important events of all, when they saw how the chimpanzees were able to go outside again after decades kept in isolation. Guests in attendance today were privileged to see this for themselves!

Chimp Moritz and Chimp Martha enjoy the first few minutes in their new outdoor enclosures.

    Jane Goodall with Michael Aufhauser                              Lower Austria’s Governor Erwin Pröll with      
                                                                                                  Michael Aufhauser              

Chimp Susi                                                   Chimp Helene        

Federal Minister of Health Alois Stöger                                             Karl Merkatz                       

Diary of Our Chimp Peter’s First Few Days of Freedom
(by Renate Foidl)

For Peter, the gate to his outdoor enclosure was opened for the first time. Before he can set foot on the grass meadow, Peter first has to go through a tunnel with asphalt flooring. Standing in the tunnel with his fur bristling, he tentatively moves towards the grass. At first, he doesn’t climb over it on foot, but gently feels the dense grass blades on the ground with his hands. Then, sniffing his fingertips he carefully edges onto the meadow. He inspects every inch of the mesh-covering of his new life of freedom from now on. But his gaze is also constantly fixed on his carer. Soon afterwards, he already climbs onto the wooden frame, watching his surroundings and constantly shifting his gaze – we wonder what’s going on in his head? After two hours, Peter goes back to his living quarters and observes closely as his outdoor gate is shut.

Day 2, outdoor enclosure for Peter: a gentle breeze blows through Peter’s fur. Excitedly, he marches along the periphery of the outdoor enclosure. Suddenly, some raindrops land on Peter – he shakes himself in agitation and hurriedly returns to his living quarters.

Peter was aged 3 years when he was used for experiments. He currently lives alone, since he has trouble getting on with his peers.

Today, Peter is going outdoors for the third time. Several months previously, every day he watched attentively from the windowsill of his living quarters as construction work progressed for his outdoor enclosure. You had the feeling that he was getting this work done just for him! The site workers repeatedly cast envious looks towards Peter whenever he sat on his window seat, enjoying light snacks or simply resting his legs against the window frame. He soaked up the hot rays of sunshine through the glass window, occasionally using his lower arm as a sunscreen and resting his hand on his forehead. The workers gave him the name ‘site foreman’, as he generally only left his viewing point for food, or when his quarters were being cleaned.

Today, he is more self-confident and accepts the completion of his outdoor enclosure. He frequently climbs on the climbing frame, already calling sometimes whenever he hears the other chimpanzees. He also occasionally shows off by jumping up at the cleaning area. He only encircles the water point – he doesn’t really find out that this gradually fills up with water. It’s time for the evening meal: Peter moves towards the direction of the indoor quarters making noises for food – his carer calls him. Peter is looking forward to his food.

Exclusive new images of the practice tour!
Our Brand-New Chimpanzee Video

Now you can see a longer version of the practice tour. Watch our exclusive Gut Aiderbichl video. (Production: Tom Vacek)

Click here to download the official English booklet!

For Download please klick on the picture     

Susi makes us awe-struck!
The first 10 ex-lab chimpanzees can now gradually get acclimatized to their new outdoor enclosure. Only Xsara still has to experience the great outdoors! Susi can’t get enough – lately she didn’t want to return to her living quarters…

Enclosure A is almost finished. Seven enclosures with special nets are under construction.


Susi inside the pipe – the last thing on her mind is returning indoors to her living quarters. We’d like to leave her, but Moritz, the Boss, is playing up. He’s nice, then nasty!

Work has to progress with Enclosure A. The chimpanzees will soon be able to move in here.

A second birthday for 10 chimpanzees

The Best “Practice Tour” in the World! 
To carry out a safety check of our D-enclosure at Gut Aiderbichl’s Sanctuary for Traumatized Chimpanzees and other Primates, the Group of 10 was allowed outside. For Alfred, David and Xsara this was the first time.  And for the other seven…

Introducing Group of 10 Members

2,500m² is a vast space for humans. But for the chimps at Gut Aiderbichl’s Sanctuary for Traumatized Chimpanzees and other Primates, this means a whole universe and freedom at last after decades in the research lab and monkey house. What we saw during the practice tours and what the chimp carers told us is heart-warming and thrilling. With two enclosures – one indoors and one outdoors – Moritz has a tough job sticking to the old rules and routines as Boss of the Group of 10. Xsara stayed indoors. And Susi, who is usually introverted and inflexible, becomes the star of the outdoor enclosure!

A miracle for our chimpanzees
View inside the finished outdoor enclosure
All Aiderbichler are talking about it: Our chimpanzees’ fantastic outdoor enclosure…

Gut Aiderbichl’s Sanctuary for Traumatized Chimpanzees and other Primates

All This Awaits our Group of 10!
For Xsara, Alfred und David, this is the first time in their lives out in the open air. For the others, it’s the first time for decades and since their childhood in Africa, before they were stolen from their mothers.

Outdoor enclosure "D" is ready. The grass still has to grow. The structure is certified and approved by the authorities. More updates will follow over the next few weeks about the unique story of the construction of this large enclosure.

The official opening is in early September. We will introduce more enclosures soon. 
Gut Aiderbichl continues to seek sponsors and patrons to help fund the interior of our 11 enclosures. Please pledge your support. Our work for traumatized animals makes a real difference. Gift donations for Gut Aiderbichl’s Sanctuary for Traumatized Chimpanzees and other Primates are tax deductable in Germany and Switzerland. In Austria, gift aid (free of tax) will soon be regulated by a government order. As soon as this also applies to animal rescue sanctuaries, donations in Austria will also be eligible for tax deductions. Gifts and legacies to Gut Aiderbichl’s Sanctuary for Traumatized Chimpanzees and other Primates are also free of gift and inheritance tax.

Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sponsorships can be extended. You can purchase the ‘Plus Card’ – from 5 euros monthly, and your donation can support Gut Aiderbichl’s Sanctuary for Traumatized Chimpanzees and other Primates. Patrons, donors and ‘Plus’ Sponsors can visit the chimpanzees – in small groups – and at specific published times.

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